Civil Funeral Information

Most people think that they have to have a minister to conduct their loved ones funeral, even if they do not have strong religious beliefs. There is now a legal alternative, and Funeral Directors, Public Crematoria and Cemeteries accept this service gladly as an alternative, because like me, they want you to have the ceremony / celebration of life / Funeral, that you wish for.

Your ceremony can be completely non religious or semi religious, to include hymns and prayers.

Whatever your preference, I will help you plan the ceremony to your satisfaction, and conduct your ceremony at the venue of your choice on the day. You will arrange everything with me, and I am happy to liaise with your chosen Funeral Director, so that between us your loved one has the ceremony that we have designed together.

I understand that this will be a sad time for you, and obviously people may be distressed at the ceremony, but my focus will be, to bring forward the positive side of the deceased life, to give them an upbeat service that pays tribute to them rather than just mourn them.

Some ideas for you to consider: (All optional).