Civil Partnerships Ceremony Information

In December 2005 it became legal for same sex couples, to cement their relationships with a legal and binding contract known as a Civil Partnership. This document has to be signed and witnessed in front of a Registrar.

That covers the legal requirements, now let us get down to how you want your special day to be. You can if you like complete your Civil Partnership ceremony at the Register office, they will allow you to pick from some vows to say to each other, you can exchange rings or tokens, and you can usually even have one reading or poem. But what if you want to make your Civil Partnership celebrations unique to you?

Ask a special friend or family member to say a few words.

Most importantly think about where you want your Civil Partnership ceremony to be held. I can hold your Civil Partnership ceremony in your home or garden, or a local hall, a Hotel, it will be your choice, and the venue does not have to be licensed for marriage.

I will help you to design your special ceremony and conduct it for you at your chosen venue; this can be the same day as your register Office signing or at a later date to suit you and your guests.

If you prefer not to do the legal bit at the Register office, you can just have a Commitment Ceremony, this type of service however has no legal standing, but can be a beautiful option if you are not able to comply with the legal requirements for a civil partnership.

Again please feel free to call or email me if anything you need to know is not covered by my Website.