Getting married in Italy

Getting married In Italy, documents required.

Please do always check with the Italian consulate, as requirements can change so quickly.

British Citizens residing in UK first of all need to give notice of marriage to their local Registry Office. You should not do this more than six months prior to your intended date of marriage. Once you have obtained the Certificates of No Impediment the originals of these should be sent to your Italian wedding consultant together with the following documents in order for them to issue the/ Nulla Osta/ (Certificate of No Impediment) required by the local/ Commune/ (town hall):

As an alternative to a civil wedding in Italy many couples are first having a civil wedding in their country of residence, as once they have signed the papers to make the marriage legal they then come to Italy to have a blessing ceremony.

A wedding blessing is really the best option. The ceremony with all your friends and family present can be religious or non religious as you prefer. Your minister or celebrant (MulberryDays) then works closely with you to make a truly memorable ceremony.

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