Getting married in Maldives

The only wedding ceremony that's legally binding in the Maldives is a Muslim one for Maldivian's! Major tour operators have been lobbying the Maldives government for years to see if this can be changed to accommodate the large number of tourists wanting a Maldives island beach wedding. So far they've drawn a blank!

You've already signed the papers and had your official wedding back home so you don't have to worry about any of that now, On with your Maldives Romantic Wedding!

An intimate Maldives ceremony for the two of you. It is a time to relax and a time to enjoy the moment without the need to be conventional. You can go to one of the islands that will arrange a celebrant for you, there are a handful of resorts (well 12 actually) in the Maldives that offer wedding packages and renewal of vows ceremonies;

Or of course you could book a celebrant before you go, and design your romantic ceremony with them, knowing that your ceremony will then be exactly as you want it and of course I am always happy to return to the Maldives.

...And with a wedding in the Maldives you can also usually expect Champagne breakfasts, brunches and toasts! Dinner on the beach by candle light, your room adorned with flowers and flower girls, dhoni rides into the sunset, desert island picnics, food and drinks for your guests and that all important wedding on the beach...