Getting married in Egypt

What can anyone say about Egypt, other than what a beautiful place for your ceremony and at the moment travel there is quite reasonable, and of course guaranteed sunshine 365 days a year.

Below is information on the legalities of getting married in Cairo ( cannot be done anywhere else in Egypt) or you could follow the suggestion at the bottom of the page, which would allow you to have your beach wedding anywhere in Egypt.

Getting Married in Egypt − British citizens.

You will need:

Further info: Certificate of No Impediment legalised by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, legal proof of any name change, certified translations of all required documents above. You can't remarry within 3 months of a previous divorce, if pregnant, or within 4 months & 10 days of being widowed.

Residency requirement: none, but you need to be present for at least 6 or 7 days to arrange the paperwork.

Step by Step Guide:

Please note 2 male witnesses are required.

Fees: Legal fees and translation fees are to be paid locally. fees are subject to change.

The other much simpler alternative is to complete the legalities here in England and then arrange a wedding ceremony / Blessing with a celebrant (MulberryDays) and a company in Egypt to arrange your venue, catering, flowers, photographer and transport.

Costings for this will vary, my charges for arranging your ceremony with you in England and then travelling to Egypt to conduct your ceremony will depend on the time of year, flights, and accomadation. But will always be as reasonable as I can make them.