Wedding Ceremonies, Renewal of Vows, Wedding Blessings

Weddings are traditionally held in churches, Register Offices or venues that are licensed for marriages. (Usually stately Homes and Hotels).

Getting Married − want to say your marriage vows at home or have a garden wedding or maybe even somewhere a bit different, yes it is possible!! And what's more it won't cost you a fortune. It can even work out quite a bit cheaper.

We can arrange for you a Wedding Celebration Ceremony, or wedding blessing as it is sometimes known.

This ceremony is completely designed for you. You will say the wedding vows that you both want to say to each other, wherever you want to say them. You can include or exclude anything you want including religious pieces. No set rules, walk in together, seperately, with Dad, Mum or anyone else. Have a member of your family or friends say a poem or verse or something else that they have written especially for you. You will have to have the legal ceremony first at a Register office, but that can be done early on the same day or before, and just the two of you and two witnesses need attend, go in your jeans, if you want, Rings do not have to be exchanged until our special ceremony later if you wish. Please call or email for full details.

These ceremonies are ideal for couples who are having their marriage abroad, but still want to share their day with family and friends when they get back.

We also arrange Renewal of vows ceremonies for couples who are already married but want to re-affirm their vows of love to each other, for whatever reason. A special anniversary, after an illness or a particularly difficult time, or just because you want to. Again these ceremonies can be held however and wherever you want.

This will be your Ceremony, designed to be exactly how you want it to be, unique, and conducted in front of your family and friends, wherever you choose.

The chosen venue does not have to be licensed for marriages.

A copy of the marriage certificate will need to be shown before a Renewal of Vows or Wedding Celebration ceremony can take place.

How can I get married in my home or in a garden?

Many people have asked me, during my time at the register office if they could get married somewhere outside. I always had to say no, it has to be a solid structure to be licensed for marriage. The building also has to be open to the public for marriages for three years and of course there are planning issues to be considered and a large fee. So I have introduced my service to get around these requirements. You can have a ceremony in your home, a garden wedding, a beach wedding, in a forest or park, the local village hall or pub, the venue is only limited by your imagination.

To be married in this country, the legal requirements are that a man and woman stand in front of a registrar in a place licensed for civil marriage, with two witnesses. They have to repeat two sets of words, and sign the register. That is it; they do not have to say any vows or exchange rings. The two sets of words are called Declaratory words and contracting words. Declaratory words: The registrar will ask “Are you ______________( Full Name ) free lawfully to marry ____________( Full Name ) ?”

You have to respond with “I am”

Contracting words:

You will be asked to each repeat the following after the registrar. “I _______________(Full name) take you ___________(Full Name) to be my wedded wife / husband” That's it, sign the register and you are legally married.

You can arrange to do this official marriage in your lunch breaks, or even early on the same day as we are going to hold your ceremony. So long as you have the legal document, I can perform your ceremony however and wherever you want it.

The cost involved. Everyone has to give notice of intent to marry, wherever you are going to be married, this involves making an appointment at your local register office and taking your documents (they will tell you what you need when you phone for the appointment) and the charge for this is £35 each. The legal ceremony at the register office is currently £49 for a short legalities ceremony with just 2 witnesses, this includes the price for your marriage certificate. My fee starts at £300 there may be extra charges for travelling that's all. If you add my fee and the register office fee together, it will still be cheaper than paying for a registrar to attend a licensed premises. You can then work out your own budget for catering and clothes, flowers etc. You can have the wedding of your dreams without leaving yourself in financial hardship.

Please contact me with any questions or availability requests that you may have.

Why Mulberry Days? Well that's simple, my parents used to say to me when I was little, that a day had been a Mulberry Day if it had been a good family day. Whatever ceremony I am performing for you, I am sure you will want it to be a Mulberry Day.